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Wool Ordering Instructions

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Wool Ordering Instructions

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IMG_3265 (1).JPG

Wool Ordering Instructions


Woolly Mammoth is owned and operated by Tim & Katrina Zenk (our son/brother and his wife). We are truly a family operation!

When ordering, keep in mind that each piece of wool is a work of art. Even though the master dyers have super exact, secret recipes for each color, they can vary slightly from batch to batch.

After selecting the size piece of wool you'd like and "adding to cart", a form will pop up to give you a couple more options. 

1) you can choose a specific texture to have your wool dyed on. Your options are pictured on this page. If you're just wanting a "plain" piece, just write "solid" or "plain".

2) if you're in search of a specific piece of wool used in one of our projects (Gingerbread Brown, Green from Spooky, Red from On Parade, etc.) you'll be able to let us know on this form as well. 

When ordering, Please note: These sizes are approximate as wool shrinks during the dyeing process, and each wool decides on it's own just how much it wants to shrink. Also, even though Woolly Mammoth has VERY precise, super special dye recipes, each piece of wool may vary slightly from the last.

$80 Whole = 30" x 54"

$41 Half = 15" x 54" 

$21 Quarter = 7.5" x 54"        

$21 Fat Quarter = 15" x 27"

$11 Eighth =  7.5" x 27"        

$11 Fat Eighth = 15" x 13"

$6 Sixteenth = 7.5" x 13"     


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