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1653 West Main Street
Albert Lea, MN, 56007
United States


Granny's Legacy Pattern's is a quilting company located in Southern Minnesota, that specializes in custom wool kits.

Shipping Info

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Shipping & Returns

We currently are only shipping to US addresses. 

Because we are so excited to share our pretties with you, we are currently offering complimentary standard shipping (USPS) on all orders. You read that right....FREE SHIPPING....on ALL orders!!! However, because all good things must come to an end, after this wonderful period of time it is our goal to maintain affordable shipping rates because let's just face it, nobody likes to spend their fun money on silly shipping fees!! Fun money is for THREAD and in the long run, it all comes down to just that... how many balls of perle cotton you could have had :)

To top it off, we know the excitement that comes along with purchasing pretty and fun things!! It's like a kid waiting to hear if the impending massive blizzard has cancelled school, a dog when you're grilling juicy t-bone steaks, birds when the rain stops and the driveway is covered in a fresh batch of...well....dinner ;) anyway, you get the picture...we know you're EXCITED and super eager to get stitching!!! And, we're excited for you. 


All orders placed before 12:00 (noon) central, will go out the same day!

Orders placed after 12:00, will go out within 24 hours of purchase.

Seriously kids, how cool is that!?

Please note:

Orders placed on weekend or holidays will be shipped the next business day.

If we become REALLY busy due to show vending or big sale event, and your order should take more than 48 hours to ship, we will let you know....and more than likely include a special little something in your order to say thank you!! Trust me, it WILL be good, cool, and completely mind blowing!!



Returns: We're pretty sad that you're not 132% happy with your goodies. However, we want to make it right with you!! You may make a return within 30 days of purchase and we will gladly refund your money. Please note that we unfortunately cannot refund your return shipping charges. Also keep in mind that books, patterns, items not in their original condition, or items exposed to smoke/pets cannot be refunded. Let's face it, we're reasonable people who cherish your business....we want to do everything we can to make your experience dynamite!!