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Glory - Complete Kit

26" x 49" American Flag Wall Quilt

This gorgeous, hand stitched, heirloom features dynamic artisan dyed wool, appliqued stars, and embroidered states listed in the order in which they joined the union. This is certain to become a treasured family heirloom. 

$248.12 COMPLETE KIT: To complete one Glory project, this kit includes artisan dyed wool, pattern, UltraWeft stabilizer to apply to background wool prior to stitching, and backing fabric. 

$16.50 THREAD KIT: Includes 3 balls of Valdani perle cotton (O196 size 8, P4 and O775 size 12)

$26.71 NOTION KIT: (reg. $30.42): Includes 1 yd Heat 'n Bond lite, package #7 embroidery needles, 17" x 26" Pressing Affair pressing sheet, black Sharpie marker, GLP zippy project bag. 

Glad Press 'n Seal wrap: Readily available at grocery stores by the aluminum foil and plastic wrap. 

If you would rather receive this project in 8 installments, these options are currently available: 

WEEKLY Beginning May 12, 2022 - CLICK HERE for info >>

MONTHLY Beginning May 13, 2022 - CLICK HERE for info >>