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Supplies: Talavera

Supplies ordered to ship with first club installment. 

$66 THREAD KIT: Includes 12 balls of #12 Valdani perle cotton (GOLD: O505, 14, 13. RED: 65, O534, O503. GREEN: 821, O519, O41. BLUE: 100, M46, O515)

$28.00 STARTER PACK (REGULARLY $36.75): Includes 1.25 Yd Heat-n-Bond Lite, Bohin Mechanical Pencil, Bohin #7 Embroidery Needles, Black Fine Tip Sharpie Marker, 17X17 Pressing Affair Pressing Sheet, Clear GLP Zippy Project Bag. Note: Zippy bay style may vary.


$12.50 17X17 PRESSING AFFAIR PRESSING SHEET: Our miraculous pressing sheet. An absolute must have when working with wool. When used, Pressing Affair prevents burning, scorching, and iron marking which damages your project.

$10.06 BOHIN MECHANICAL MARKING PENCIL (Regularly $12.70): This product is included in the starter pack.

$15.20 HAVEL’S 6” SCISSORS (Regularly $19.00): This scissors has an amazing thin serrated blade that will make cutting an absolute breeze! 

$23.20 WOOL PRESSING MAT 11.5” x 11.5” (Regularly $29.00): Our Granny’s Press Perfect in the perfect size for your Talavera blocks.