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Dyed Velvet SV-048

Options: 1/4 - SV048

Price:  $ 28.00 
Out of Stock

Options: 1/2 Yard - SV048

Price:  $ 54.00 
Out of Stock

Options: 1 Yard - SV048

Price:  $ 108.00 
Out of Stock

Just like our artisan dyed wool, when ordering, keep in mind that each piece dyed is a work of art. Even though the master dyers have super exact, secret recipes for each color, they can vary slightly from batch to batch. 

NOTE: Images have been edited to be true to color on GLP monitors and screens. We do our best, however we cannot guarantee that they may not appear slightly different on your device. 

$ 108 Yard = (approx. 32" x 51")

$ 54 Half Yard = (approx. 16" x 51")

$ 28 Quarter = (approx. 16" x 25")