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Each pack contains a 6 piece collection of Woolly Mammoth artisan dyed wool + 1 artisan dyed velvet piece. Velvet piece is smaller. PATTERN INCLUDED FREE WITH THIS MAMMOTH PACK PURCHASE

$15.75 BABY MAMMOTH PACK: approx  5" x 9"

$23.32 MAMA MAMMOTH PACK: approx 7.5" x 9"

$10.00 PATTERN ONLY: NOTE: you will automatically receive this pattern free with Fat Tuesday mammoth pack purchase. This listing is only if you want the pattern without purchasing the mammoth pack. Beads and sequins are included with this pattern.

$8.25 XOXO COMPLETER KIT: Includes black wool for background and backing fabric.

$11.00 THREAD KIT: 2 balls of #12 Valdani perle cotton (49 pink & M66 red)