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Woolly Mammoth is owned and operated by Tim & Katrina Zenk (our son/brother and his wife). We are truly a family operation! We believe in a quality wool that is optimal weight for applique. When dying we start with a generous 38” yard, so you receive a little extra!

When ordering, keep in mind that each piece of wool is a work of art. Even though the master dyers have super exact, secret recipes for each color, they can vary slightly from batch to batch. 1/2 yard and 1 yard pieces are available upon request.

NOTE: Computer images may not be true to color. Actual wool colors are richer.

$108 Yard = (approx. 30" x 52")

$54 Half Yard = (approx. 15" x 52")

$28 Quarter = (approx. 15" x 27")

$15 Eighth = (approx. 13" x 15")

$8 Sixteenth = (approx. 7.5" x 13")