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Granny's Threadtastic Pollinator Garden

Granny's Threadtastic - FAQ

Q: Why do I need to use thread wax? 
A: Thread wax helps your thread stay strong until the end, preventing it from wearing down. Thread wax also helps your needle stay threaded and you will notice significantly less static, twisting, and knotting. We however do not recommend using wax when stitching knots (colonial knots, bullion knots, etc.). 

Q: How much do I have to use? 
A: One or possibly two swipes through will do the trick - it all depends on how hard you push. It just takes a lite coat. If too much is applied, the wax will wear off on your project as you stitch.

Q: Thread fibers have accumulated in my wax and now its fuzzy on top, what do I do? 
A: This is normal and does not change the performance of your wax. If it bothers you, simply scrape it off.

Q: What is the white stuff on the top of my wax? 
A: This is called wax bloom and is the softer oils working their way to the top of your wax. This is completely natural and does not change the performance of your wax. It it bothers you, you may wipe it off. 

Q: Why is my wax suddenly a lot harder?
A: As a 100% natural product, moisture is absorbed into and taken from wax. In dryer environments (including dry homes) moisture is naturally wicked from the wax making it hard. In more humid environments, the wax naturally absorbs moisture from the air making the wax seem softer. If you would like to soften a hard wax, simply place a little bit of water on top of your wax, cover and let sit while the moisture absorbs.