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Jumbo Bumpkin

Options: Parts Kit - Makes 1 Jumbo Bumpkin - Pattern not included.

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Options: Bumpkins Pattern with Jumbo Template

Price:  $ 9.00 
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This plump Bumpkin (12" round, 6" tall + stem) makes an adorable decorative accent and so fun displayed sofa setting with the throw pillows. 

To make a jumbo bumpkin, you will need beautiful wool, pattern, and parts as listed in parts kit. 

WOOL REQUIREMENTS for wedges: 3 - 1/8 yard pieces wool. We have used artisan dyed colors 160V, 060THT, 060GHB (see "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below), however they would be adorable in just about any color combination - we think undyed wool would be fun too (See "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below)!

PATTERN with JUMBO TEMPLATE: Includes regular Bumpkin pattern with added templates for Jumbo size Bumpkin. 

PARTS KIT: Includes ENLAGED PATTERN TEMPLATES and enough of the following supplies to make 1 JUMBO Bumpkin - brown stem wool, green leaf wool, large washer weight, jute for tie, fiber fill to stuff. Complete pattern not included. 

1/8 YD ARTISAN DYED WOOL: See "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below to purchase wool used in model. Choose your own dyed wool CLICK HERE>>