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16th Avenue Phlox

Grandma Norma was the inspiration for this project. Grandma was a teacher, mother, farm wife and a great wealth of knowledge. In her 96 years of life, she never stopped educating herself. She read every issue of the National Geographic, never missed an episode of Jeopardy or left a crossword puzzle unfinished, and she read more books than anyone could imagine. Grandma loved flowers and painting them. Later in life, she had a jungle of phlox growing by her door at her condo on 16th Avenue (get it, this projects namesake!). They were always so bright and cheerful and smelled so good....and slightly out of control, more like MAJORLY out of control!!! I love this picture of grandma in her 30's. She looks so happy and is holding a cat. Grandma was not a cat person :) 



THREAD USED:  2 balls of #12 Valdani perle cotton.  O560 and V60.