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Blushing Bumpkins

These cute little Bumpkins are just too fun to make. When finished, they are adorable displayed as bowl fillers and shelf sitters! Make just one or a whole pumpkin patch. 

To make Blushing Bumpkins you will need beautiful PINK wool (Woolly Blossoms or Artisan dyed wool...see below), pattern, and parts as listed in parts kit. 

WOOL REQUIREMENTS for wedges: Using WOOLLY BLOSSOMS: 1 Woolly Blossom will make 1 Blushing Bumpkin, 2 woolly blossoms will make 3 Blushing Bumpkins (1 of each color, plus one mixed...see "variety" image). Petal Pushers and Watermelon have been used to make models. Using ARTISAN DYED WOOL: 1/16 Yd any artisan dyed wool to yield 1 Bumpkin. O15-V has been used to make model.

$8.00 PATTERN (same as regular Bumpkin pattern)

$6.25 PARTS KIT: Enough of the following supplies to make 1 Blushing Bumpkin - light olive green stem wool, sage green leaf wool, large washer weight, jute for tie, fiber fill to stuff. Pattern not included. 

$10.50 WOOLLY BLOSSOMS: See "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below to purchase blossoms used in models. Choose your own Woolly Blossoms CLICK HERE>>

$8.00 1/16 YD ARTISAN DYED WOOL: See "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below to purchase wool used in model. Choose your own dyed wool CLICK HERE>>