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Flower Market

10" x 21" Oval Mat

$56.95 Project Kit: Includes color step-by-step instructions, artisan dyed silk, velvet and woolens, black background wool, wooden beads, glass beads, plum crayon, and backing fabric. 

$15.00 Pattern Only: Color step-by-step instructions. Beads available with project kit purchase. 

$33.00 Notion Kit: Includes 3 sheets freezer paper, 4 oz. bottle Mod Podge, 2 yd Heat 'n Bond lite, 20"x20" Pressing Affair, 1 package #7 embroidery needles, 1 fine tip black Sharpie marker, 1 GLP project bag. 

$22.00 Thread Kit: Includes 4 balls of #12 Valdani perle cotton (M80, O532, O575, P9)

$5.75 Black Thread: #12 Valdani perle cotton. Used for edge stitching. 

$5.62 Mod Podge: 4oz bottle. One bottle (enough for one project) included in notion kit. 

$10.50 Freezer Paper: 50 8.5" x 11" sheets. 3 sheets (enough for one project) included in notion kit. 

$31.50 Wool/Silk/Velvet Roll: 
Includes 9 Pieces of artisan dyed textiles (7 wool, 1 silk, 1 velvet). 

Other recommended products for this project:

Press 'n Seal wrap: Available in grocery stores near the plastic cling wrap. 
Havel's serrated scissors: See below. 
Wool pressing mat: See below.