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Poinsettia A La Carte

These stunning holiday blooms are the perfect solution for all of your Christmas tags, mats, ornaments, napkin rings, garlands, bows, pillow wraps, place next to a candle for accent ...the list could go on and on! 

Here's what you need (makes 4 blooms): 1 wool kit, 1 bottle of Stiffen Quick (bottle will make 10-12 blooms), project pattern, and background as desired. 

$11.00 PATTERN

$16 WOOL KIT (Pattern Sold Separately): Includes artisan dyed woolens and beads to make 4 blooms. PATTERN SOLD SEPARATELY.
Color options:
Viking (burgundy) - Suggested threads O78 OR 78, O575
Carousel (dark red) - Suggested threads O507 OR O503, O575
Astro (bright red) - Suggested threads O775, O575
Monet (pink) - Suggested threads 48, O575
Envy (ivory/green) - Suggested threads M49, O575

$8.25 Stiffen Quik: Used to help flowers hold shape. 8 fl. oz. bottle.  Available through "SUGGESTED PRODUCTS" below:


$5.50 Round black mat - 8"
$6.75 Hexagon black mat - 9" x 10.5"
$5.75 Set of 4 black tags - makes great gift tags and ornaments!
$11.00 Oval black mat - 10" x 20" - fits our cherry display tray
$10.00 Rectangular black mat - 10" x 20" - fits our cherry display tray
$10.00 Scalloped black mat - 14" 
$11.35 Set of 13 hexagons - approx. 4" x 4.5" each.